Hi!  I hope this is the right forum to post this question.  My searches didn't really turn anything up, so I figured I'd post my own question.

I am unexpectedly changing jobs at the request of my boss' boss, replacing an executive who has been terminated.  The timeline on this only gives me a couple of days in my current position to get my replacement up-to-speed (moving in from another division).  My directs are a great group of people and will certainly help him, but I'm trying to ensure that I leave solid continuity.  Any advice? 

I'm currently making a spreadsheet of all outstanding products/actions, who the point of contact for it is, giving phone numbers, and suggestions on what needs to be done to finalize the product. 

I'm looking for any suggestions that may help my replacement prepare to step up into this role. 



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The "How to Resign" casts have a great outline for how to prepare a packet of materials ensuring your successor is up to speed more quickly.

A couple of the steps that come to mind for your situation are:

- Develop a Key Project/Deliverable Report (you have already started, great!)

- Prepare interim performance reviews of your direct reports

There is much more in the casts. Congratulations.

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You won't be totally gone - you're still in the same company - same building, even?

So you should be available for questions.

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Thank you both for responding to my query.  I was able to get a solid tracker of outstanding projects and actions created.  I briefed my replacement and took two days to help ensure he was acquanted with the job, key players, etc.  I feel comfortable with our hand-off and the continuity.  Luckily, he will be able to contact me by phone and email.  I will also be visiting his office complex in a few weeks, and will have the chance to check up on his transition.

I appreciate both of your comments.  Thank you!




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Nice work on the transition. It sounds like you handled it well.