My 6-months contract was terminated pre-emptive one month before official expiration, reason being they didn’t have time to get me upto speed.  Management said in the termination conversation my contribution was valuable.

From my perspective, I was fired for getting coaching, while a fellow coached contractor is commended. WHAT?!?!

The individual “AnalystX” responsible for recommending my termination last month, spent many hours coaching another Business Analyst “ConsultantY” who worked here for >2,5years.

The latter'  contract is also ending, his consultancy firm requests evaluations from former project officers. Just now Y came into our office requesting a feedback form to be completed. To my disbelief, AnalystX stated that he spent ‘less and less time with you (ConsultantY), until you worked only alongside Project Manager Z.’. Coaching which X likely wasnt willing with me!!!! AnalystX is very critical, detail orientated, nitpicker analyst, from whom ConsultantY greatly benefited.

 I am a junior analyst, yes I do need coaching, and guidance, and mostly get by without any coaching whatsoever. I’ve got this far in my career by pulling myself from bootstraps.

I feel very disappointed for not having gotten a proper chance of proving myself!

ConsultantY is getting a rave review, while.. I feel like getting a kick on the behind. Perhaps I am sulking, pitying myself..? Perhaps the conclusion is that this is another lesson of life.

As ‘consolation’ my Line Manager has offered to be my reference for my next job.

Is there any point in asking feedback, since he fired me but recommended Y? I’d like to know, from AnalystX’ perspective what he considers my points for improvement. Whichever way, my career would GREATLY benefit of some real hands-on Business Analyst mentoring!

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Admin Role Badge can ask for feedback from him.

Before you do that, I'd recommend you LET GO of your feelings about this situation.  It's not unusual for a firm or manager to pick someone with 2.5 years to stay, and to let a newer guy go.  

I would not EXPECT your former boss to give you feedback.  He MAY...but I wouldn't get my hopes up.

Ask for a few minutes of his time, and say, "What feedback or guidance can you share that will help me be more effective in my next role?  Things I did that weren't effective, etc.?"

Hope you both LET GO of getting some, and also GET SOME.