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I work in the IT industry. The bulk of the work is beginning to shift from project management/implementation into on-going daily operations.  

I recently found myself in a challenging situation. I selected a long-term contractor to lead a team of four FTEs. I did this because the contractor has a successful record in negotiating with customers, obtaining approvals, and delivering projects.  This was not the popular choice with the team members due to their experiences with the contractor.
I plan to conduct One-on-Ones (all five) instead of having the contractor to perform them. The rationale being it enables me to keep a close eye on the situation as it evolves. In addition, it keeps me in the good graces of HR.
Do you agree with this approach?
Thank you for your insight.

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I'm in the same boat.  I do O3s with all of them.  If the contractor was under the FTE, though, I would let the FTE do it to help give them a chance to improve for promotion. I have contractors leading other contractors in unofficial capacities but my team is small enough that I can do all of them. 

We worked with an outsourced company once who came with a contractor manager and his directs so in that instance I might have just done the O3 with the manager.