I am working in my "first job" in the marketing department of a 200 person e-commerce store. The responsibilities for my position change regularly and many of my projects come directly from the CEO as opposed to my manager. For most projects I am asked to copy competitors materials and if I put any of my own creative into them I am asked to change my work. I recently have been given the task to be on camera and despite my best efforts to follow through and change my script and "acting" to adhere to the CEO's feedback he has now decided to be on set to prompt me on what to say for each video. He is regularly unhappy with my inability to "produce" and I feel like I am running into a wall because the work I produce is never what he is looking for, despite my efforts to always take notes, run outlines by him before continuing projects, researching all my work etc. I am getting frustrated because I feel unable to grow and am looking for advice on how to channel my frustration into communicating my ideas better or just handling the situation better so that I can do some work that I can be proud of. Thank you in advance for your time and feedback, it is appreciated.