Yesterday morning, I scrolled through the podcasts looking for something to listen to on my commute. I decided to revisit an old friend, the HOF podcast on Cornell note taking from 2007, I think. Twelve years ago, it really helped me and I quickly adopted it on my first listen back then. Up until the first part of this year, I had been in roles not requring note taking (everything was done in CRM) for the last 7 years, but I recently transitioned into a new career. I found the cast just as actionable as it was then. One thing I might add. I have found it valuable to review my notes as soon as I can. As a GTD disciple, I have created an Excel spreadsheet for my next actions. I now go to that sheet and create a next  action to review notes (sometimes I do this before the meeting if I have time). I've also found value in reviewing the notes from the last several meetings.

Stay awesome, folks!