Yesterday morning, I scrolled through the podcasts looking for something to listen to on my commute. I decided to revisit an old friend, the HOF podcast on Cornell notAppvalleye taking from 2007, I think. Twelve years ago, it really helped me and I quickly adopted it on my first listen back then. Up until the first part of this year, I had been in roles not requring note taking (everything was done in CRM) for the last 7 years, but I recently transitioned into a new career. I found the cast just as actionable as it was then. One thing I might add. I have found it valuable to review my notes as soon as I can. As a GTD disciple, I have created an Excel spreadsheet for my next actions. I now go to that sheet and create a next  action to review notes (sometimes I do this before the meeting if I have time). I've also found value in reviewing the notes from the last several meetings.


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I carry an A5 notebook around and am rarely found without it. I do use it for notetaking, but what I've found it most useful for is planning. Towards the end of each week (Thursday ideally), I review the coming week and transcribe my meetings and major tasks into the notebook. This causes me to consider each item and what needs to be done for it. In turn this allows me to get any needed tasks delegated or started (this is why Thursaday is better than Friday, gives me a day to get things rolling).

In terms of note taking, I find the act of note taking causes me to focus better, but I rarely if ever use the notes past transcribing action items, etc. Exceptions of course exists, e.g. meetings where I know notes will need to go out in an executive summary to other management.

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