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After listening to the "How to Take Notes" podcast I searched for a notebook or legal pad with the Cornell template that Mark and Mike recommended.  I did find at the following link you can create your own Microsoft Word template.  I then emailed that template to OfficeMax and for $4 now have a spiral bound notebook with 200 pages of Cornell note paper.

Make Your Cornell Notes Template with Word

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the heads up on the OfficeMax spiral notebook. Can you claifiy though whether they OfficeMax made these custom for you of whehter it is a stock item for them. I went on their web site and could not find such a noteboook.



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And not just because Frankie likes you, though that's a good reason, as good a guy as he is.

JMStahl-  THANK YOU.  Very classy indeed.   I don't think you're an MT Premium Subscriber, but you are for Career Tools, right?

I'd like to offer you a complimentary Manager Tools Annual Premium subscription as a small way of saying thanks for helping other managers and members.

It's a privilege to work with you.

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For anyone who likes high end stationary and notebooks, check out

They sell someting very similar (I think they call it annotated) as pads, 3 ring binder or their Circa line. 

For the Tablet users, there are a few MS templates in OneNote

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It is a custom notebook I had printed.  I used the Word template my first hyperlink will help you create and then emailed it to the local OfficeMax here in Cincinnati.  I asked them to print the template on double-sided on 100 sheets of paper.  From there I asked them to spiral bound and use card stock covers.

Another nice thing with this notebook is the paper is a heavier paper, not the bleached copy paper I have found in notebooks previous to this.

If you have any other questions feel free to let me know.  Hope this helps!

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That is just a great tip. Thank you!

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Not sure if this one is already in the forums somewhere ... I use a lot. It creates a pdf file with information you enter and is a bit more user friendly than most of the other Cornell generators I have used.

- X

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 After being pulled up in a previous role for not being 'Perfectly Organized'  this podcast really helped! 

 I created my own word template which I photocopy double sided. I choose to keep these in a ring binder as It means I can then add meeting hand outs to the folder as well.  At the end of the month I then Comb-bind the month worth of notes. I work on a complex project, which means I attend a lot of different, but monthly meetings, this system really works for me and has helped me prove a number of disputed points!

As a high 'D', I had to make a few additions... I use a system of different color highlighters to make it more visual.

- Green; Referenced Documents (With meeting code number and and alpha-identifier)

- Yellow; Another's action 

- Orange; My actions

- Pink; Important information 

I do this after the meeting at my desk as I find it helps me review the notes, the meeting code number helps on the to-do list as well. Having just typed this I now realize I should get out more! but seriously, don't knock a good system and this really has improved my work.

Mark, Mike, thanks a million! 





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oops posted twice. 

Sorry guys, but it was my first post!




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 …and second.

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 …and second.

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And I can usually find them at Office Max/Depot

 Each sheet has graph paper on the back which is somewhat handy.