Do you use Twitter to partly replace certain RSS feeds that you do not always pay much attention too? I have a number of RSS feeds I keep in touch with using Google Reader but have recently been 'following' a couple of technology websites and SKY News on Twitter. I will often miss certain things as I only 'refresh' Twitter once or twice per day but find it a very interesting way to have random updates on areas I don't generally follow.


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Twitter can augment; it can be really good to find out about breaking news (Iran, Swine Flu).

It doesn't replace RSS.   

John Hack

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Part of my job involves staying appraised of current events and breaking news.  The RSS feeds from the local news sites operate at a slow drip but one site Tweets its breaking news (including traffic alerts).  Unfortunately, because I don't want another app to keep track of on my BlackBerry (already an attention hog as it is), and I can't get the third party Twitter-GTalk services working properly, I subscribe to the RSS feed available on their Twitter page.  Defeating the purpose?  Maybe.


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After 2 months of Twitter usage, the impact is clear.  Read on.