I bought the Interview Series, so I could present myself well. Per instruction, I mentioned in the cover letter that I would be following up by phone. I haven't yet come across instruction as to what I am supposed to say in that phone call. Can someone point me to the script for this?

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My impression of the follow-up call is that it's just a follow-up.

"Hi, I'm Flexiblefine, I submitted an application for position X. I'm just following up to see if there's anything else you need and maybe find out what the next steps are."

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 I also just bought the Interviewing Series and am trying to put the guidance into practice. One snag I've run into is in applying for jobs through a company's recruitment site.

In some cases, there is no opportunity to upload a cover letter, or to type one into a text box. Even when there is, there is no personal contact information for the hiring manager at the company. My concern here is that if I promise to follow up, I can't follow through on that promise without having someone to follow up with.

Do any forum readers have some advice on how you've handled this situation (I assume I'm not unique here).

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Craigadam - I've discovered that too occasionally.  Usually what I do is attach the cover letter to my resume as one file.

And not having a contact name really bugs me too.  However, it is pretty amazing what you can discover with a google search.   At the very least, all HR people have a presence on Linkedin these days. 

And what's the harm in phoning reception and asking very nicely who to talk to?   The worst you'll get is a big fat "No".





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You make some good points, thanks for the advice!