I'm doing a part work for one of the hospital where I was assigned to tabulate COVID patients being admitted. I'm stressed with the spike of the figures. I'm getting hopeless that we will not overcome this pandemic. News keep on telling about increasing cases and more lockdowns. However, I've read that the most affected where the parents. Parent stress increased substantially during COVID-19 and has not returned to pre-COVID-19 levels, suggesting the need for enhanced mental health resources and supports. I'm not a parent but I'm emotionally distressed. I tried to listen to positive podcast but, still, no avail. Please I'm needing advices =(

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Stop watching the news and focus on positive podcasts. Focusing on what you are grateful for, exercising your body, and relaxing your mind will help give you the peace of mind you desire.

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I tried to minimize myself on watching news and it did helped me in some way but, the fear is still here. I even bought a lavender oil because they say its good for calming but, no effect. I just think that this stress won't just go away as long as there is pandemic. 

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Your work is a vital link in your hospital and county/state responding appropriately to COVID.  Can't tell how to shift attention without good data about what's actually happening.  So, you directly contribute toward overcoming the pandemic.

If you can name *your* fear(s) and stressor(s), that will let you wrestle with how to address them -- often alongside others addressing the same fears/stressors.

And maybe add some walks in nearby nature into your routine.  That never makes things worse, in my experience.

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My most fear is getting the virus and spreading it at home. Another one is, us, not be able to achieve the herd immunity despite of increasing number of vaccinated individuals. 

I appreciate your suggestion about doing some walks. I'll try my best to add that in my routine.

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How might you get the virus?  Do what you can to minimize those paths.  Maybe an extra wash-up before leaving for home?

How might you spread it at home?  Do what you can to stop that spread.  I know some doctors and care-givers have isolated from their families to minimize that risk -- and they made arrangements to keep the contacts and fulfill other family obligations despite that choice.

How might you affect whether we hit herd immunity?  I don't know on that.  Maybe invert -- ask "how can I make it *harder* to reach herd immunity" then do the opposite.  'Preventing your neighbors from getting vaccined' is one, so maybe you offer to take them to get their shots.

If there's something you cannot figure out how to affect, well, whatever you do or not-do won't matter, so lay it aside.  Maybe some brainstorm will come to you later -- meantime, work on what you know you can affect.

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I failed to mention, vaccines are now being offerred to children below 17 years old. Are you in favor of this? I think, this is one reason why parents are getting stress nowadays.