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 I was reading in Forbs about Apples strategic capabilities, and I was wondering what has worked for other people as far as a experiment portfolio?

This article struck my attention because I took a position about 1 year ago with no innovation. The manager stepped down shortly after I took the position. With the old manager I was willing to take risks and introduce a new capability within the organization. Many of my peers asked me about the capability I gave them a little but not enough to figure the rest out. I was consistently told someone else is probably going to get the statement of work just because I have not been in a single position for very long ie 10 years. After a few more conversation I have come to the conclusion the organization has a culture of non performance and risk aversion. Where longevity is rewarded, and with it non-risk taking. With no reward of risk taking there is little or no innovation. This is my first time I have ever experienced a organization absolutely adverse to innovation. This experience has prompted my BLUF on top.


Here is part of the article

"Create a portfolio of experiments. 

Once you have focused, strategic targets set, create a series of experiments.  A general rule of thumb is the 7-2-1 rule:  one experiment should be big and relatively safe.  Two experiments should be slightly more risky and moderately sized.  Then seven experiments should be highly risky and low cost."