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There was once a podcast (maybe a year ago?) in which Mark listed all of the meetings which should be on every manager's calendar: O3s, performance reviews, resume reviews, networking lunch, etc. Does anyone remember which podcast this is? I've tried searching and also looking through the shownotes for time management and calendar management, but I'm having trouble finding it. Thanks for your help!

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Would those be the time management podcasts from May 2006?

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I don't recall the time period, but it had "Calendar management" in the title.

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The Calendar Mgt. cast has most of what you're looking for. Review the preparing for your perf. review and giving a perfor. review casts for the other meetings.

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Wasn't it this one : ?

There also a sample com plan in the premium content, attached to it.

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this is part one... there is part two in the december podcast

Remember, all the podcasts are not listed/hosted on iTunes but they are listed/hosted on the website.