I just took a course called Crucial Conversations based on the book of the same name. I personally found it to be fantastic, but primarily because I've also been listening to Manager Tools for quite a while now.

As one example, one piece of the CC strategy suggests discussing what's happening to the relationship between the 2 parties as a tactic for finding a common ground. When I read this, I immediately cringed at the thought of confronting a high D about the value of relationships during a heated debate!

I'm curious if anyone else here has taken Crucial Conversations and what you think about it in context of other Manager Tools teachings?

Thank you Manager Tools for opening my eyes to the DISC model. I'm still learning to use it effectively (can you ever stop learning?), but it's amazing to me that such a simple tool can find ways to make big improvements on what is already a great tool for conversations.

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I haven't taken their class but I read the book (twice) and keep it at work. I have "Mutual Purpose", "Mutual Respect" posted by my phone.
The scenarios in the book are scary tough and they advise the reader to avoid sugarcoating or watering down their message. Instead they encourage you to focus on behaviors, facts and have non-judgemental responses (sound familiar?). The authors recommend this method to more effectively communicate, not to make friends necessarily.

I highly, highly recommend this book because it has helped me with giving feedback more effectively.

BTW - I am a very high D. Don't be scared of us - we're really just misunderstood.