My name is Michael. I live in the northern Chicago suburbs and am in the midst of a career change.  For fourteen years I flew for the airlines and private corporations, before my layoff in May.  I have a B.S. in Aeronautical Science but that and a dollar might get you something on the value menu at McDonald's. Realizing I have no practical skills, I am back in college, pursuing a degree in Business and Information Systems.

I discovered Manager Tools two weeks ago and have already listened to 75% of the podcasts.  The recommended reading alone, is worth more than my current degree.

Looking forward to finding my way into the real world.

Thank you.

Michael Nikolic

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75% in 2 weeks! You are absolutely amazing! You must have listened for more than 8 hours per day at double speed? My head would spin and/or explode!

Good luck in your studies!

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There are very few benefits to being unemployed. Time and compulsive behavior are two of them.