I am a project management consultant that started work on a large contract a few months ago and my supervisor received feedback from the client with concerns of me being a "cultural fit" with the organization. My supervisor asked was this performance related and the response was no but their had been complains by a few staff members about my style. This organization has issues and I believe that being held accountable for missed deadlines etc was new to many but they are the client. My supervisor who has been working with this client for a while was very supportive and gave me good feedback (tone down the dress no more suits, increase communication, cheerful persistence, etc) and it seems to have worked.

That being said has any other "MT" style manager received pushback in a challenging work environment like this?

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You are not alone! I got barred from handing out annual reviews prior to the review meeting because one of my directs (who has a drama quenn tendency) started complaining up and accross the org structure prior to the meeting. Because one went badly I was told to can it for all despite laying out the reasons why I do it that way.


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Yep, it's happened to me, and to plenty of MT (and other) managers and professionals.

It sounds like you've addressed it.  It's hard for me to be sure what exactly happened, and where the onus is.  And, it's not rare that professionalism is a trait that doesn't fit with a culture.  (Though  I have to say that even a forceful person like me is surprised how often those without power interrupt, speak quickly, raise their voice, and act as if benefit of the doubt were unprofessional.)  

Stay frosty, probably ease up a hair, and you'll be fine.  Keep us posted.

Merry Christmas all,


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Thanks for the feedback Mark. It appears the new approach is working the client is happy with my work and I'm getting things done albeit at a slower pace but worth the compromise.