I've rewritten my C.V. according to your suggestions.
Some feedbacks that I had from some friends (they feel that I miss something):
1. do we need a presentation letter or something like that?
2. do we need to add personal data?? (date of birth, children ...)
3. do we need to add our position in the organization (I report to xxx)?

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Pier, I think some of those questions vary by country.

For example, in the US you should not include a photo or any reference to Date of Birth (due to discrimination laws). In Europe, photos are usually included with a CV.

Family structure (married/children) is also different by country. I rarely see it in the US.

A presentation letter is very important, but (in my opinion) that should be tailored to the specific company and job you are applying for. It can provide a "map" which shows the employer why you are the perfect candidate. I have even seen it done in a table format:

Your Needs--------My Qualifications
3 years exp-------4 years of experience in your industry
BS Preferred------BS with High Honors

Good luck!

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Neal is right -t here are cultural considerations. Although, in 20 years, there won't be...

You do need a "presentation letter", which here we call a cover letter. It should be 3 paragraphs long. In the first paragraph, tell them the job you're interested in and why. In the second paragraph, tell them how your background helps them get what they want. That means both that you have the credentials they are looking for (match yours to the ad, if there is one), and show them how you will help them achieve their goals.

In the third paragraph, tell them you're going to follow up, and then do so.

The only personal data to include is your name, email, phone and address.

Your position is your role, and here has NOTHING to do with whom you report to. Unless you work for a celebrity CEO, no other names should be in your resume.

Hope this helps!


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Just wanted to give some feedback from the UK.

Photos - not usually, as a recruiter we sometimes get them from Europeans, but they are usually detached from CVs before being given to managers. When I worked in Germany a photo was included with every CV, as well as copies of certificates.

Family information - does it affect your capability to do the job? (Hopefully you said no there!) Then don't include it. Your CV is precious space, it should be used carefully! Same goes for hobbies, childrens ages and what they are doing. I know you're proud, but it's not the right place and I'm not the right person to tell! I wouldn't include dates of birth or any information like that - not all managers who review CVs are as non-discriminatory as we would like, so why give them ammunition?

Presentation letter - I'm with Neal and Mark - tell me how you fit what I want. It saves me work and makes me love you already!


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For those of you who can't tell, Wendii's a professional recruiter. So pay attention!

Thanks for your help, Wendii!