Hi all,

A long time reader of MT & these forums but first time poster looking to get some advice on how to handle my work experience on my CV.

Background is that mid 2007 I left (not by choice, role centralised to corp in US) a global IT role with an international technology company and moved into contract IT roles and have had six different roles at two companies during this time (one a cancer research education institute/charity, the other a learning disability charity).

My question is this : If I list the six positions (some for a couple of months only) I have had as a contractor as per the MT standard of Job Detail, admin,accomplishments then my 12 years experience in global enterprise infrastructure IT management disappears into insignificance at the bottom.

Now that the job market appears to be picking up I am very interested in getting back into full time employment and would like to get something more aligned to my pre-contracting career.

I have been considering treating the last 2.5 years as one "Job", listing the two company names and then mixing the accomplishments at both companies together as one.

Any thoughts on this approach? or suggestions on alternative approaches?

I would appreciate any and all advice


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I will be interested to see other perspectives, but I would have no problem as a hiring manager seeing a single position as contract IT, with a good summary of roles and accomplishments.  Particularly if you were 1099 or working through a single contracting firm.