Long standing listener, great advice in the past, love M&M's style, just bought the interview series and getting along with CV fine. blah....

I'm a newspaper photographer and love shooting pictures.

Just about to do cover letter for the job 'o' my dreams. 

My question is.

I used to be in a better job in the same company. (different office) There came a restructure and although I was offered the big job I decided against it as it would take me away from what I really enjoy doing. Shooting pictures.

I declined and for the past 2 years  have not been Chief photographer.  Back to being a senior photographer. Most of my accomplishments were in my last job and that part of the CV is good. 

However, on my CV it kind of makes it look like I got demoted . I've not explained in the CV about this as I don't want to incur the wrath of Horstman or spill into a second page.

Now, I'm thinking cover letter but there are only 3 paragraphs Interest, Why I am a good fit, and I'll give you a buzz.

Your advice gratefully received.


oh, and another thing,

There are 2 openings being advertised. One as a senior and one as a schlep. Both require very similar skills and the description is also similar. I am qualified for both and either of these jobs I would die for.

Its an online submission for both. How do I handle that?

I've busted my butt getting this far with CV and psyching myself up to do the cover letter please don't tell me I have to do yet another alteration!