Currently I am doing 15-minute daily stand-up (or scrum) meetings with my directs. I started this about 2 months ago when we kicked off a new project and it's been very effective. I also do a weekly staff meeting, wgenerally one hour. This meeting has a different agenda each time. Sometimes it's a waterfall/communication meeting, sometimes a code review, or special presentation on a particular topic. I also do weekly one-on-ones.

I loved the weekly staff meeting podcast, and I'd like to start implementing it. My concern, though is that this might be a bit too much. Has anyone done both daily scrums and weekly staffs? What seems to be the most effective way to implement both? Should I just stick with one? I was thinking of dropping the scrum and going with the weekly meeting for a trial period and asking the team for feedback. Any other ideas?


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Also we do daily standup (focused on 'next action') + a bi-weekly staff meeting (focused on 'next bunch of actions').

How's the right Horstman's law?? "More communication is better"


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I'd say yes, generally, though I wouldn't call that other meeting a weekly staff. What about just morphing THAT into a close approximation of our format?


(and thanks PierG!)

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We did daily stand-ups a while back (before I knew about scrum or MT).

On a side note - do them standing up. When people sit down it gets lengthy.

When we did those meetings, I ran a meeting every two weeks, but it would be very short. General stuff.

In the podcast, there's an added value which I was not aware of then, of allowing the leads to present the status as a mean to raise their presentation skills. Not sure though how to match this with stand-ups which are not about presentation, but communication.

My 2 cents,

Gil Zilberfeld

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Thanks everyone. I put this question to my team and they came up with some ground rules for the daily stand-up:

- No more than 3 minutes per person
- No interruptions
- Institute a parking lot for issues to be addressed at the weekly staff meeting, or earlier if urgent.

Next week, we'll start doing a weekly staff the MT way. I'll let you all know how it goes.