Good day and well met.  I am a typical Gen X high S manager, that is, invited late into management and working for a millennial high D boss who apparently sky-rocketed through the ranks.  I am nearing 50 years old and have worked in Information Technology since at least 1995 and primarily in network engineering.  I have been a manager now for two separate companies in two completely different industries over the past 3 years.  This latter gig has by far been the most challenging with little reward other than the bi-weekly paycheck associated with it.  I came upon Manager Tools while working at my last company and started implementing the Trinity while there with good results.  In my current position, I still use the Trinity though I've had to modify the O3 frequency at the request of my young boss.  I still see benefit from this and have certainly helped to improve the team's delivery of project work and operational issues, however, I do pine for the ability to meet more frequently with my directs if only I can get past the boss on this.  Ah, well.  More reason to keep listening and reading what Manager Tools has to offer.  I wished I had started listening and reading this much sooner in my career.  I might've been a director or a VP today.  For now, I'll have to suffer the young and brash in those positions of power.