I've listened to the casts on instilling a sense of urgency in your team.

Part of my team are drillers, who are in charge of a drill rig each, with one drillers offsider whose job it is to do anything the driller requires to get the job done(mostly manual labour stuff)

Lets say I go by the guidance of asking one of my drillers to have 10 holes drilled by COB today and report it in when done.

If you assign a deliverable with a deadline to 1 person only, if they're a leader of a person/small group.

In this example, how does that sense of urgency tranfer to his offsider/group and not just him?

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Sense of urgency can only be delivered through communication and followthrough. I would break down the overall target into smaller milestones with a demand for reporting at the end of each milestone or in case a milestone might not be reached as planned.

Milestone 1: Ask the lead to communicate the target and the sense of urgency to the team. Once done, the lead should report the completion of this communication to you.

Milestone 2: Complete the first 4 holes by X hrs. Report once the target is completed. If the target will not be met, communicate as early as it is clear. Replan the deliverables and readjust the milestones accordingly

Milestone 3: Repeat the above task for the next 3 holes.

Milestone 4: Repeat the above task for for the last 3 holes.

After the deliverable is met, follow it up with a retrospective to identify things that went well and things that need to be improved.