Hi there, first of all I'm new. This is my first post. 

Anyways, could use some insight on a topic.

First of all I am a manager of a casual restaurant. I have an employee that is going through a breakup. We've all been there, it's terrible I know.  On Friday I couldn't find this employee, I went out back and found her crying outside.  I sent her home to take some time for herself.  On Saturday is was visibly depressed but didn't want to send her over the edge by talking to her so I let her be for the day.  Today, visibly upset again.  I asked her to do one thing and it was greeted with a lot of distain. At the end of the day I took her to the side and told her I was here if she needed to talk to someone.  I also said that we are in the business of portraying happiness.  I said that I am.willing to get some of her shifts covered while she deals with this, but if she is gojng to work shw needs to pretend she is happy.  To this she replied that she can't miss work. She can't afford it. I know this is hard and I know I'm asking a lot of my employee.  But what should I do? Where is the line between compassion and efficiency?

Thank you for reading.