Looking for some input. I just recently changed companies, into a higher level (executive) position (thanks to what I have learned and applied from MT) in a new city (the hat-trick of stressful situations according to Watkins!) I have been told/warned by my new boss that one of the people I need to forge an effective relationship with also applied for my new position, and feels his not being chosen was a bad decision by my new boss/the company.

My boss feels he will not be outwardly hostile and be congenial towards me, but may be less than supportive in reality.

How do I handle this? Meet it head on? Tell him I'd feel the same (which I wouldn't - professional subordination)? Not bring it up but watch my back? If it was a direct, I'd just continue having O3's and deal with any unproductive behaviour through feedback. But what do I do in this situation? Help!

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Use that "congenial": get to know him first and build the relationship. You have a good excuse, you're new in a job and working together. He likely knows a heck of a lot about what someone in your new position needs to be doing. Once the relationship is solid, bring it up if it's getting in the way.