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I have decided that in order to be successful at my company I need to switch managers. There are various reasons, but the chief one is that my boss clearly does not have time to manage me.  For instance, he has missed my last two planning meetings.  Similarly, he failed to prepare for my quarterly review and instead glossed over what I wrote before switching over to discussing a transient issue. 

Another manager has in the past approached me about switching teams and I plan to follow up and see if the offer is still on the table.

Unfortunately, since then a new conflict has arisen between me and my boss.  And I don't know how to handle this.  I don't think I should try to convince him that I'm right.  But if I also just agree with him and then ask to switch teams in the next few weeks I think it will create the perception that I'm switching teams because of that incident.

The least of the evils might be to swallow a chill pill and wait until the end of the quarter.  But I think the longer I work with a boss who I don't respect professionally is the more my bad attitude will reflect poorly on me.

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Relax and take a breath. Remember, regardless of the situation, you are responsible for your actions. Rise above the conflict and continue to act in a responsible and professional manner. To do otherwise, you risk your current position and other opportunities will certainly disappear. Work through the conflict at hand and don't worry about the perception your eventual departure may create. You don't know if the opportunity exists. You don't have an offer. Cross that bridge after you are settled into a different team.