I am going to start having my team lead run our staff meetings. I have discussed this with her and she is more than ready to get started and seems very excited about it.


My question is, where does the agenda now come from? Do I give her the agenda topics I want her to cover, since I am the one that has always created the agenda to get out items that I either need to address or upcoming projects to discuss. Or do I let her pick the agenda topics?


Thanks in advance!


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I'm just starting this as well, so here's what I'm doing.

We have fixed agenda topics and variable time for special topics.  The fixed is like the first 5 minutes for announcements.  The next to review the task list for the team.  After that, the topics depend on the week.  I'm having her solicit the team for topics - that includes me.  Then I'll let her figure out how to order them, how to plan those out over multiple weeks, etc.  I'll see how that goes.  I'll follow the advice to let her try it out first.  I feel the person I picked to go first has a good chance of doing it well.  We always have more topics than we could cover.  We bring in other people for updates on initiatives that need to be schedule in advance.  So, it will be interesting to see how she plans those out.

The interesting thing is when I announced this at the team meeting, I had several people excited about doing it.  I do have a lot of high C's who grimaced.  But a few people asked when their turn was going to be, could we rotate it between the 4 offices, etc.  The leaders in the group really seemed to like it!