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BLUF: Is it OK to tell your directs when you delegate that you expect a slight dip in quality and that it's OK?

I'm a High 'i-S' and I've done this with quite a few tasks that I've delegated to some of my DR's.  While listening to the high 'S' downfall, it just hit me that I might be giving them an excuse for operating less than their best.  Should I 'expect' the dip in quality, but request better?

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Keep the standard high.  If they fall short, help them (coaching or feedback as appropriate).  But don't lower expectations.  

John Hack

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while your S side wants to reassure your employees by telling them it's ok to be less than perfect, they may just hear "I think you're going to mess this up."

John is right--don't start by telling them they might fail!


Bug ( hi S) Girl

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Thanks for the words of wisdom, both of you. 

OK, no more 'lazy delegating'...