Does anyone have any guidance on how to delegate when your team is understaffed for the workload and individual contributors are constantly maxed out?

I co-manage a team in a contact center. We've received feedback that some of our individual contributors would like increase responsibility. We've also been given direction that we need to focus more on delegating tasks. However, it's been a constant battle to keep up with the volume of contacts and budget restrictions do not allow us to add additional FTE. I may be missing the the solution but would appreciate any guidance. Thanks!



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Have you listened to the series on "How to deal with a massive workoad increase" yet?  Though it's not an exact fit for your situation, I think there is a ton of good guidance in there around how to move the ball forward when you're already very busy.  Also, an oldie but a goodie, the Juggling Koan cast is a classic one I go back to every 6 months or so, since I struggle with letting the seemingly urgent daily stuff get in the way of the truly important long term stuff that I should be focusing on. 

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I haven't yet. I'll add that to my playlist. Thanks for the suggestion.