I am a new manager and I have an employee in my department, that use to run the department however they where not let go, but instead given a lower role. So, here is my dilemma I want to help this employee, they feel less motivated in a way. There was a previous manager before me, and they let this person do what they wanted. Now that I am manager, I want the person to not feel that their career is halted. They make more money then most in this department, but I do not see the excitement or hunger that they use to have.

In both company and employee it makes sense to me to help.

One idea I had was to make a new role for them at the company, but this I will need to persuade my bosses as well.

What information can you direct my towards to help me to help them.


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Ask them to do their job! Start having one on ones, expect them to perform, give positive feedback when they do, and negative feedback when they don't.

Their motivation is relevant but not actionable. Focus on their behaviors.

I wouldn't dream of sending them elsewhere unless I had helped them be successful where the company has them now.