Hey everyone,

Just finished reading the MT book and I love the idea about O3. I'm two months in to owning a dental office, and I'm struggling with the mismatch between the selling dentist's behavior (who was very aloof and disengaged with his team) and my own. Hopefully O3s will help. 

I'm wondering if someone can help me avoid reinventing the wheel. I'm trying to figure out how to effectively schedule O3s as the only dentist in my office, with a staff of 10. Five hours a week seems like a lot of time to not be producing income for my business (not to mention the five hygienists I employ). Any advice on how to handle the logistics of setting up O3s in this situation?

Thanks in advance for any wisdom!!

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10 directs can make scheduling more difficult given it is 5 hours a week. You can always start with biweekly (every other week) O3s and see how that schedule works out. If you find out after implementing biweekly that you do have time in your schedule for weekly, you can make the adjustment. While we recommend weekly as the most effective, there are still benefits from biweekly. Here is our podcast on scheduling MTO3s:

We are happy to help, if you have any other questions.