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*** When I am at work I often struggle to come up with these.  Especially Positive FeedBack that doesn't sound like a repetition. 

*** Is MT interested in developing a FeedBack App - Web and/or Phone App ?

*** Are there any MT Members that are interested in doing so ?  Would MT object to the creation of such an App ?


While listening to the PodCasts in my Car I am always blown over by how easily Mark and Mike come up with effective sounding FeedBack.  

This is always a struggle for me.

It occurred to me that an App might help.

Is there anyone else who is out there interested in having such an App ?

Some kind of Option generator :


When You [X]     ----> Various Options are presented

This is what happens [Y] ---> Various Options are presented depending on [X]


The App could accept new suggestions and build a knowledge Base of Effective FeedBack examples.


So - What do you all think ?


TJ Puccio


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I wouldn't worry much about sounding repetitive ... that is NOT the issue around managers giving feedback, positive or negative.

As far as an app, we have some things in development, but not ready to share the details (although, to be clear, it doesn't address the issue of sounding repetitive ;-).  Stay tuned.


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As a direct myself I don't think hearing relative similar feedback as a negative.

It lets me know what areas I continue to do well as well as continue to need improvement.

Plus I think depending on how an app is made it could very much reduce the personalization of feedback.

Ultimately the feedback needs to be personalized to the individual and the work done.  

Maybe, if you are struggling w/providing "different" feedback to your directs you might want to start looking at more detailed behaviors and work product to provide more nuanced feedback.

Other words maybe your feedback so far is too general or high-level thus making it seem "repetitive".


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Mike and Tabithastein:

Thanks for the responses.  I'll think about that.


* Would MT object to me developing this idea with others outside of the the MT structure.  If I don't "brand" it as MT FeedBack.


I know that MT suggests 10:1 Positive:Negative Feedback

I often have a hard time coming up with Positive things to say.  

How often can I give Positive Feedback on being to work on time ?  

Or always getting their timecard right without errors ?

Processing those 50 requests a day ?

I feel stretched trying come up with enough Feedback to get to that 10:1 for all of my directs.

I don't even think I can come up with 10 positive personal things for each of them.

And even when I do -- I have a hard time completing the statement ....


When you [X] - er ahhhhh   here is what happens err ahhhhh -- duhh ....  it's just a good thing, thanks.


* The idea of an App came to me when I started keeping a list for myself.     

I was thinking that a shared Knowledge Base of shared FeedBack Ideas would be helpful to lots of us.

These are personalized to various tasks - but general enough to apply in many people's work situation.

Here is an example :

1 - When you get the report to me on time - it keeps me on track -- thank you

2 - When you greet co-workers in the morning - it brightens up the office - keep that up

3 - When you get all of your figures right - it builds a lot of confidence in your work - I appreciate that. 

4 - When you proactively work on that task - it really keeps the wheels turning around here - thanks

5 - When you get to work on time - it helps everyone see you as reliable - good job

6 - When you respond to emails in a reasonable amount of time - it makes folks feel good to work with you - that's great

7 - When you keep such accurate records - it really shows that you have pride in your work - I like that

8 - When you keep in contact with clients - it really makes us all look good - thanks

9 - When you participate in meetings - it let's everyone know that you are engaged in the process around here - keep it up.

10 - When stick to a task and give everyone regular status updates - it shows you care about the work and your co-workers, good job.

11 - When you miss a deadline - it throws me (or a coworker) off track -- could you please improve that ?

12 - When you show improvements after I've given FeedBack - it demonstrates that you care about your performance improvement.  I appreciate that.


Thanks for entertaining the idea.



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Of course, as long as you respect our intellectual property rights (and we rigorously defend them), do what you wish.  That said, I can't categorically say that anything you've proposed violates or doesn't violate our IP rights, so don't take this response as permission to do anything in particular.