we have development discussions upcoming and should identify future possible roles to analyse gaps. I wonder if I can be open here, as it would mean that I would basically want the job of my manager.

Mark and Mike have advised - in different context - against this openess. Does it apply to development discussions?

Thankful for any views


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 Good question. I'm afraid I don't have answer, but am curious to hear what other might say.

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One answer is this all depends on relationships.  My boss & I have an excellent relationship.  She knows I want her job and also knows I'm willing to work with a more qualified candidate.  (A retirement, in the next 2-5 years, is pending)  I've made it clear what I want & that I want to know how I get "there".  I have enough respect for her and the org to wait & compete for the job.

We had the uncomfortable conversation where I told her I didn't need a time frame on her potential retirement but I was also going to need a new challenge in the next 18-24 months.  I wanted to know how she thought I could improve my job (thus pay) if I wasn't going to get the promotion.  She was very candid with me, told me what needed to be done, and suggested she'd support me as her successor.

The point is, you need to approach this from your development, not a particular promotion.  Do you need (more) staff to supervise?  Do you need control of a budget?  Do you need another skill (continuing education)?  You have to realize you might not get the promotion but could achieve a lot without it.  Don't just think linear, think about adding value to your own job/skill set.