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I'm re-discovering Manager Tools after being an avid fan and consumer when they started 15 years ago.  I am going back through the HOF podcasts and one thing that I (personally) feel is outdated is the no laptops in meeting comment.  From the original time of the podcast to today, there have been some seismic shifts in how work is conducting in and out of the office.  Heck, most people require a laptop to even participate in a meeting nowadays due to work from home.

I still completely agree with the distraction factor.  One thing that I have done to make meeting notes effective is to have a shared document where the meeting notes are being recorded.  That way, its clear that the laptop is being used to supplement the meeting.

Perhaps this is useful for just the facilitator to have the laptop open and doing this?  Sometimes it is useful to have others add detail in around a topic ("where's that document/website that you just mentioned?") but I'm unsure if that makes it worthwhile to allow communications devices (Microsoft Teams doesn't allow you to close chat while you are in a meeting which is just awful...there is Do Not Disturb versus Busy which you have to set manually).

Any other suggestions?  Am I wrong in the use of electronic meeting notes?