Hey, everyone. Need your advice, please?

I just got a fantastic job offer - company and area are a great fit, work is what I want to do, even will (finally) be getting some actual supervisory responsibility (finally can put these tools to work firsthand!).

Here's the thing. I'm four days away from a face-to-face interview with another company. There are some plusses there - salary is much higher, area of the company is a good fit (though not sure about company as a whole), work responsibility is good... But I am about 99% sure that I won't be taking that job b/c of some distinct minuses - would have to relocate to another state, love our house we live in now, still a lot more questions than answers...

This other job was brought to me by a headhunter and it's been a long process (at least 2 months). The company has already purchased my plane tickets to get up there for the interview.

I'm considering calling the headhunter and calling off the interview so I can get working right away (am in an unexpected transition period between jobs now) and not let this opportunity slip.

What would you do? How would you handle conversations with the headhunter? Interviewing company? Offering company?

Thanks, all. Look forward to hearing from you.

- Chris

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Congratulations on the job offer.

It sounds like you have made up your mind to take the offer, so it is really just a matter of letting the recruiter know that you have accepted another offer, in a professional and polite manner, only AFTER you have formally accepted the first offer. You want to leave things on a positive note because you never know when you will cross paths in the future. Put any anger about the delays out of your mind before you call, no matter how frustrating a process it has been.

One of the benefits of already having accepted an offer is that it puts a stop to the recruiter trying to convince you to interview, or asking if they can expedite things.

If you haven't quite decided to accept the offer and are thinking of going to interviewing, just remember that an offer can be rescinded up until you accept. A bird in the hand is much better than one in the bush that you are 99% sure you don't even want. :)

Good luck with the new job!

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If I understand your dilemma, you feel somewhat guilty about going to an interview that you think there's a small chance you'll accept the job for?

If there is a small chance, however positive, go ahead and do the interview and don't feel bad about it. You owe it to yourself to investigate every option, just like you would for a company you work for. Don't try to get an offer so you can squeeze company #1, just explore the option. Getting the offer from company #2 may make you absolutely sure of taking your first offer.

On the other hand, if you talk it over with close friends and you decide there is just no chance to take any offer from #2, go ahead and decline. Call a friend today and talk about it.


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Well, this update comes at an interesting time...

I ended up calling off the interview with the distant employer and taking the local job.

I guess the best way to say it is... things are not always what they seem. The best thing about the local job was that it was local. Other than that, it was misrepresented, or at least greatly changed from the time of the interview through the first 60 days. I followed all the advice about management that I could, but it turned out that that was an infitesmal part of the role.

Long story short, I'm now trying to resurrect the distant job or at least the recruitment connection. Since I handled the canceling of the interview pretty well, the recruiter is very open to helping me again.

Thanks for your advice, everyone. I hope this is helpful to someone sometime. Have a great day!

- Chris