Hello all

I have an interview coming up in the next couple of weeks for a senior position in the UK.
I have been advised it will involve a dinner meeting with a number of the non executive directors.
Any tips on what to watch out for will be greatly appreciated.


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There's a 2 part cast on meal ettiquette:
* [url][/url]
* [url][/url]

Probably a good place to start.

Oh and, yay, another member in Birmingham!


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And remember: it's still an interview. Prep like you would for an in-office interview. Be ready to discuss yourself, your achievements, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

You may have to leave some food on your plate because you're talking more than they do. Don't worry about it.

So get the interview series if you haven't already, and amaze them with your skills!


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Thanks Guys- I will update you on the result.


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Jhack had a great point about leaving food on the plate.

I had a dinner interview about six months ago where I found that I ate much less than others at the table (which is rare because, being a former Marine, I learned the bad habit of eating very quickly). I used to think that it meant that I was talking too much and was taking over the dinner, and I admit that I still get self-conscious if I find that I have not eaten as much as others during a dinner function.

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We do dinner interviews here as well. Basically, we're looking to see if the person they showed us in the boardroom is the same person in a more casual setting. Some random thoughts:

- How do they interact with multiple people?
- Does some crazy side of them come out we didn't see when they were in interview mode?
- Do they show a level of good manners and class?
- Are they a good fit personality-wise with the rest of the staff?

I wish you the best of luck. I'm sure you'll knock 'em dead!

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[quote]- Does some crazy side of them come out we didn't see when they were in interview mode?

We've had interviewees who were on the short list make derogatory racist comments during dinner. Bad move.