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When talking about career goals, one of my directs said that he wants to become a manager and asked what he should do to get there.

What are the things that you see in others that make you say "hey, lets promote them to manager"?

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 Mike and Mark have provided us with hours of podcasts to help in this circumstance. First do you follow the trinity of one-on-ones, feedback, and coaching? Have you encouraged your direct to start preparing to apply these tools in the future. If they are leading projects then she should listen to the "Project Manager One on Ones" and "Project Manager Feedback" podcasts and apply the tools. Other helpful podcasts for you to review include:
   "The Manager Tools Promotion Standard: 150%"
   "Staff Meeting Delegation and Succession Planning"
   "Staff Meeting Delegation and Succession Planning"
   "Succession Planning - Extending Your Network"

I hope you have been delegating heavily to this direct. Somebody who wants to grow is always a joy to work with.