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Hi everyone 

Director from another department approached me last week saying I would be great fit in her team.  She's in same company but just different department.  She sent me link of open position Friday.  It would be a promotion going a "Band" above the one I have (it's only been a year I'm in this position).  Actually was not looking for jobs.  But as the podcast I've listen "be open to offer/proposition".   Only I'm not sure what salary as it's not mention.  

what would you do?  Any advise? 




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If you are interested, you should absolutely apply! Even if you are not sure taht you are interested, apply - you will get much more info about the role once you have applied and it might be a great fit. You can be open with them that you were not looking to make a change, but are happy to have recieved the referral from the director and excited to learn more about the role.

Don't worry about the salary just yet. Wait until you impress them during the interview process, and get the offer - then you can decide if you are happy with it, or want to negotiate, or even decline the role. Just because you interviewed, does not mean you have to take it!

Good Luck and congratuations! It's a great sign that leaders from other departments are interested in having you join their team.