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Thanks in advance folks! Looking for help in transition for existing directs that will become skips. Trying to figure out the best way to train a new manager on Trinity while also not leaving out in the cold my directs who have been getting O3s and feedback.

I took this role February 9th with future structure planned and hires made (pending internal moves).

Current directs are finishing up 11 weeks of O3s and I've rolled out feedback model with positive feedback starting next week. At some point in the future (pending internal moves....between June and 2023), I will be getting a manager to manage a group of my directs who are shift workers.

My plan (open to better solutions) is to provide a transitional period.

I've been in contact with the manager and provided him with MT Basics casts. He was very receptive to listening to the casts. I hope this helps accelerate his learning before he starts. I plan to touch base with him every month to see if he has questions about the material and to just keep in touch. (I loath internal transfer politics, but that's a different problem)

He moves over and then...

Weeks (1-4) : Continue Trinity as is with existing directs. Start O3s with new manager.

Weeks (5-8): Directs become skips and do O3s with new manager, no FB from new manager and no FB from me.

Weeks (9-12): Introduce FB to manager, no FB to skips.

Weeks (>12): Manager re-introduces FB. No skip misses O3s, but they miss FB for 2 months...

Thoughts? Thanks!!