I lead a project management group that started 10 years ago with the ideals of moving candidates through my area (on a 2-year rotation) and back into the business to help build a stronger culture and effective work habits.  For the last 5-6 years (under new executive leadership who just didn't agree with the ideals), this program has stagnated.  (FYI, I've only been involved for 3 years)   Candidates come in, but they never leave, and it has turned my department into the dead-end path.... until recently.  I lobbied for the last 2 years and I was finally able to break a candidate out from the slump of my program office, back into the daily operations where she can be of real value, and in a position she feels really passionate about.... For my role, this is the biggest accomplishment I could hope to bring, assuming I can keep it going.  How do I account for it on my resume? Do I? 

Thanks to all with opinions on this.  Happy Holiidays!

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I bought the resume workbook and in there, it does a very good job of fleshing out what's been referenced in the casts about responsibilities vs. accomplishments.    Was this group a responsibility dictated by the company or an "extra-curricular" that you helped spearhead.  If the former, its a responsibility; if the latter, an accomplishment.  My suggestion is to make the determination and then state your accomplishment.  Was this "ideal' an accomplishment that you were able to continue or was it a responsibility that you were able to promote x number of people through the organization.  

Hopefully that makes sense.  I would say that the $30 you spend on the Resume Workbook is worth it just for the distinction between the two.


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I just saw this listed as a responsibility on the LinkedIn profile of someone I'd like to work for:

--Managed team of eight staff members and ensured achievement of their professional development goals.

So yes, you can find a way to list a direct's advancement as one of your achievements, if you think about it a bit.