How much time and energy should a manager spend with O3s for directs that intend to retire in the next year or two?  The job duties involving driving others from point A to point B and are out of the office the majority of the day. Another is a support staff that has been doing the job for around 20 years and is proficient with tasks.  They are planning to actually retire and not go on to another 'retirement career'. 

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I encourage continuing the O3 sessions--there is nothing wrong with doing O3s over the phone.

These sessions are valuable in the knowledge transfer to new personnel, maintaining the relationship, and (should your directs change their mind) future reference.

You are still the boss and they are directs. Why not do all you can to ensure a positive relationship?

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It doesn't matter what they say they intend to do.

* O3's are about effective behavior now and in the immediate future.

* O3's are about positive relationships now and in the immediate future.

You, nor they, really know the future.

It is possible that their stocks and retirement funds take a hit and they decide to stay working for another few more years.

Their family life situation may change and the reason for retirement timing may change.

You just don't know.

Don't risk a drop in productivity, and a drop in morale, and a drop in relationship.

It might even seem like you have abandoned them because they said they will be retiring.

Even if they are the folks that asked to stop the O3's. It doesn’t matter. 

They need to see your commitment to the relationship.  And fellow co-workers need to see it too.


Good Luck