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I started doing O3's in March.  I absolutely love them and in September, I told my directs that they will need to start doing O3's; not a big deal yet, but by the end of December I want to see a few O3 sheets.  I won't be looking to see what's being said, just that they are being done.  

I told my staff at our staff meeting today that this next month is when they will absolutely have to be doing O3's.  One of my directs had that deer in the headlights look.  I have a feeling he's going to ask me to sit in on the first few O3's that he does.  

He hasn't asked me yet, but is this something I should do?  I don't have a problem sitting through the O3's with him, but will I be adding things to his O3 that might not be helpful?

Thanks for your help...

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If there are three people in the room, it's not a one on one.  

Coaching is the answer.  This person has a model (you've been doing the one on ones with him, right?) so they know how it works. You should be talking about this in your one on one with this direct.   Find out if he's reluctant, and why.  Maybe it's one difficult employee, not a problem with the model.   

[updated:]  There is a podcast that directly addresses your concern: 

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I've shared a lot of the ideas from MT with him, he's seen it working with us.  I've told all of my DR's where I get the information. 

It might just be one specific employee.  Thanks for that thought.

For Christmas this year, I'm giving all of my DR's an iPod with the MT podcasts preloaded.  I hope that will help them as much as it's helped me.

Thanks for the link as well...