Hi Everybody,

I got so interested in the linked in podcast that i upgraded my membership to seek the best out of my network, however i stumbled when i thought about adding my DISC profile as a refrence.

will that be a good idea ?, and to expand is it a good idea to include it with my resume postings or include it in my employee profile in my company?


Always appreciating your efforts


- Berzini


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I don't think your DISC profile would provide any useful to a recruiter. I'd leave it off.

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I think it is an interesting idea to post your DISC. I hope Mike & Mark weigh in on this one!

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 DISC is meant to create better understanding of your behavior patterns.  It is a useful tool in that you can use the model to gauge others' behaviors to modify your own communication style to "mirror" the communicator's, (the person listening).  

There is no inherent value in posting your profile number unless the reader understands DISC completely, and if they do, I would consider the use of it a moot point.





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Thanks for the inputs,


the idea cam to my mind since "no body" virtually is aware of DISC , i took a glimpse and showed my manager ( the CIO) the profile analysis and asked for feedback about 1 year ago.


what happened is that he started delegating tasks to me which are relevant to my profile and i was promoted twice.


so i was wondering if presenting the whole concept of DISC to recruiters would explode the same effect.


Maybe if Mike and Mark look into this could provide a better view