This may seem a strange question to be asking but I need to as I'm struggling with how to answer a DISC questionnaire and a similar iSpeak one. My struggle is that I'm not very aware of myself to the point where I can easily answer the questions. I asked my bride a few questions and she was able to answer immediately for both herself and me so I'm thinking it may be a guy thing or just me.

Any thoughts/suggestions on this one.


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lionel - try thinking about how you behave when making buying decisions such as buying a car. Do you do a lot research and analysis for months or do you go and test drive first and make a quick decision?

This might help you identify your behavioral preferences.

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You're thinking too much ... go figure (not that there's a clue as to what your profile is or anything) ;-)

I'll tell Mark what I think your profile is ... let us know here what it turns out to be. If I'm wrong, I buy dinner next time I'm in California!

All, Lionel bought *me* dinner last time I was out in California visiting ... way I figure it, I owe him in any case; a bet I really can't lose. :-)


Oh, by the way .. I mentioned it elsewhere, but you can now get the DISC online through Manager Tools. You can purchase in your [url=]Member Profile[/url] page. Many of our international listeners will appreciate that you can get it in English, UK-English (you know, the funny sounding English ;-) ), German, Italian, French, and Spanish.


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Thanks for the pointer - I just ordered your DISC profile.

Once I take it I will let you know the results and then you can tell me if it confirms your theory.

I look forward to seeing you next time you're out this way - and you don't owe me - if anything I owe you (and Mark) for all the terrific education I'm getting from MT.

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I took the test and my profile came out High I and High S.

Is this what you theorized my profile would be?


btw. I recall back in the late 70's or perhaps early 80's a book by Tim LaHaye on temperaments that seems to my memory very similar (at the time I took that test I was a San-Chlor). could there be a relationship between disc and that? In looking on the web to validate my memory I found this

Interesting comparison and if I read it right in 20+ years I've changed from the Choleric (or Dominance) to Phlegmatic (or Steadiness).