Is there a DISC assessment anywhere?

I have seen the breakdowns and cheat sheets associated with the podcasts but wonder if there is an assessment form to "administer" to a team.

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I don't think there is one available through Manager Tools. I know that my company brought someone in who was certified to administer it through whatever group it was she was certified with (I know that's not as helpful as it could be).

You can find places to order them online for your team and they can take them with instant printouts available. Again, not quite as helpful since the last one I did online was via MT.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Even though you don't think you offered much help, after Googling DiSC, I found a lot of places that offer it.

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Wonderful! There are slightly different implementations of it. The one done through work had different number slides, but the actual information is the same (it had a much broader scale).

I'll look at the office tomorrow, I may be able to find the vendor the online tests offered through my company and get that information to you, too.

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Success! I found the ordering information from some online assessments done earlier this year. The website cited is Good luck!