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Where do you suggest going to get certified to facilitate DISC?

I know it's not required. I think the certification would help me deepen my understanding of DISC.

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Hi Jon,

in the UK (and some other countries) you have to be qualified to buy psychological testing materials, so there are lots of courses. I did my qualification with SHL ( It's about 3 days of maths and then it gets interesting. Its expensive (about £2.5K) and I wouldn't do it for fun! (allthough everyone you ever meet who has been to their training centres will first mention the food.. it's divine!)

Looking on their site, it doesn't look like you have to be qualified in the US, so I guess that's why there doesn't seem to be as many training providers, but SHL do have some courses. They won't mention DISC (because they'll be pushing their version) but the courses help you understand psych testing in the broader sense, as well as understanding what makes a valid test, test limitations and good practice.

I hope that helps.


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Thanks Wendii.