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Hi All,

I have been listening to Manager Tools for several years now. I just took my DISC profile this morning. Going into it, I was pretty sure that I was a high D and a high C. I tried to not let this influence my answers. I ended up getting a high D with Result-Oriented as my Classical Pattern. I still think I carry many of the high C characteristics, even though i came out just above C in my Graph.

Here is my DISC Graph:!Ant0ynOA0FuuhK5HNLw54isGtHIwhQ

On many of the questions in the DISC Profile, I thought that other people would be better at answering the question about me than I would about myself. I think this kind of goes back to the idea of "communication is what the listener does." Of course, everyone sees themselves differently than the way other people perceive them. It just seems like people frequently misinterpret how I am actually feeling inside. I have been told conflicting things by different people such as, "Are you high on drugs because you are smiling so much" and "You never smile." Just recently someone said, "I know you have been stressed out the last few weeks." I consider myself to almost never be stressed, let alone stressed out. Plus, the last few weeks have been easy and I love my job.

So I guess overall, I am just wondering if anyone has thoughts or comments about these topics. I also wonder if it would ever be useful/practical to have other people take the DISC profile about oneself.