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I recently purchased a DISC profile for one of my directs and her results are 5235. Does any one have a direct with similar results? I thought she would have a higher D score. I dont have a lot of experience with interpreting DISC, so I'm hoping to hear from those who have been using DISC for a while.


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good news
She will like challenges and will seek out both achieving results and accuracy. Sounds great hey?

Watch for
Defensiveness- let her know you know she always has positive intent. Listen to the cast 'there is no why in feedback'.
If she is smart, she probably values being right more than being effective, and you may have to guide her towards the opposing point of view
Lack of progress early - she may like to plan until execution can be guaranteed perfect. Give her mini goals from day 1
Lack of people skills - help her to build relationships while she is achieving results. If you give her guidance on the importance of relationships and set her relationship goals to achieve, this will help her in an area that she is weak.

Casts that might help you to understand her
Solution to a stalled technical career
High C downfall
High D downfall

Hope this is enough to get you started

Kind regards

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Oh.  A good cast for her would be 'the myth of the just world'

She probably believes that recognition should come only to those who work hard and achieve results.  She probably could use some help to understand there are other ways to be successful and they are equally as valuable.


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My profile is 7125.  I am obviously not the same person as your direct, but ...

I would expect her to be a hard worker focused on tasks.  Give her a challenge, especially a technical or difficult one, and she will solve it.  Special assignments will be well received.  That said, once she has mastered something, she may get bored repeating the same task over and over again.  If you give her a goal, she will achieve results, so long as she has the skill/knowledge needed for the task.  

Weaknesses to expect are related to people skills.  Because she is unlikley to show much emotion, she will be likely to come across uncaring and abraisive.  She is unlikely to be strong at understanding other people - especially the subtle indicators.  

Does she supervise anyone?  If so, you should have her learn about DISC (or MBTI) immediately.  DISC can be seen as a scientific approach to understanding human behavior which will be more likely to make it interesting to her.  Assuming she has learned that working through other people will allow her to accomlish more (a High D High C perspective on organizations) - using DISC can be seen as learning to work with humans to accomlish more tasks and achieve better effectiveness.  That is not the best motive for learning DISC, but with time she will understand that the human experience trumps all (maybe she is already there, it took me a decade of professional experience to get there).  I know that sounds bad, but we (High D High C) think about efficiency and effectiveness.  

Beyond what I have said, I second the recommendation above for a few specific casts.  If she is a supervisor, you need to get her to an ECC asap.  

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Something that may not leap to mind for the other respondents, but is near and dear to my heart (7127):

Beware of seeing how she interacts with people and thinking she has an anger problem.

This happened to me. I suspect it happens to a lot of women who have a D component. They interact using D-style behaviors (bigger gestures, sharper gestures, louder voice, interrupting more). With the C thrown in, there can be an added part of appearing not to think much of other people's input, or... I'm not sure what. Anyway, all of those, from women, seem to be seen as 'angry' sometimes, or 'pushy', or 'bossy'.

I can't tell you how many times I got told I needed to manage my anger better. It wasn't until someone taught me about DISC, and pegged me as D/C (I had thought C-only), and I learned about how Ds interact with the world, that I realized that, in fact, I needed to manage my *behaviors* better. Slower gestures. Keeping my palm turned out, or cupped, rather than turned down towards the ground or flat. Catching myself when I interrupt people and making an expansive 'no, you first' gesture while apologizing for interrupting. Making sure my voice doesn't get louder when I get more excited. Smiling more often. I don't monitor my behavior rigorously all the time, but man, it has given people a completely different view of me since I started trying to watch this.

So if you catch yourself thinking she's angry a lot, or have people coming to you complaining about her anger, watch how she behaves - dig for behavior from the people who complain to you - and talk to her about *that*. 'Hey Leanne, when you wave your hands vigorously while raising your voice, people start thinking you're angry. Can you do that differently?' Or, maybe, instead of the question, 'I'm pretty sure you're just excited/intense/energized. That's not how it comes across. If you want some advice on what changes to make, we can talk about that more specifically'.

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I appreciate the responses and will listen to some casts and post some upddates.  It's as if you all know her. Great stuff.





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If she were a man would you think she was angry?