What's everyone's thoughts of sharing profiles with prospective employers?

Seems they would be able to make better decisions with more information, which should lead to a better fit role.

On the other hand, if the hiring manager is not skilled at interpreting and using these profiles, they may be detrimental.

So, put your DISC profile out there? - My instinct says no, but happy to re-calibrate.





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As your instinct says, leave the DISC profile at home, because someone who doesn't know what they're looking at won't know the value of it, and someone who does will have organised for you to do the profile.

In general, I see the hiring process as one of eliciting information, not loading someone else up with it.  As an interviewer, I want to ask the questions I've got, because I've got a plan in place for how to match up what I'm looking for with what you're offering.  Giving me other information is unlikely to help with that (although I will admit it's not impossible).  This goes the other way, too -- as a candidate, I've got a certain set of things I want to know about the position and a plan for getting that info.

I also dislike the use of the DISC profile (or similar) in making a hiring decision.  Profiles are useful in "fine tuning" your approach to communicating with a person, but knowing that you've got a high C (and therefore is more inclined to be detail-oriented) isn't nearly as important as knowing that they know the job and have a proven track record of *being* detail-oriented (through the use of behavioural questions).

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 Thanks, that makes sense.

If there's stuff I think is relevant, I should articulating it anyway, and demonstrating it via achievements.

The hiring manager will be looking for specific information, and should be teasing that out through the process.