Have you ever noticed that people can be of one type from the DISC model in person, and be of another type when communicating by email. My previous boss was like that. He seemed to be High S as a manager, but he was High D when communicating by email.

Funny thing is: his office was just right around the corner. I often wondered if I was talking to the same person!

The digital communication world sure has a strange effect on people's behavior. Maybe that's why a lot of people date online. Their digital identities makes it easier for them to switch from one DISC type to another - when they know they need to.

Great podcasts. I try to listen twice weekly (catching up the re-listening to the old ones.)
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I haven't seen that yet, but it may be because I'm looking in a different direction. That is, some folks are so caring and so "other focused" that they HATE email, and use it for brief, direct notes, knowing that there is no way that email can convey their true feelings. So, they leave them out entirely. THAT I have seen.

This may be the case with your boss... and yet, it doesn't matter. Communicate with him by mail as a D, and in person as an S. That's what I'd do.