This is a general question, should one retake the DISC profile, 

The goal of the question is to determine if I have had behavior and changes that have allowed other dimensions to change my profile. Should I be aware and update my self awareness and personal effectiveness lets say within 5 years.  

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I asked a similar question at the ECC a few years ago, and the advice Mark gave was that your DISC profile doesn't change hugely over the course of a few years.  The only exception to this is that as you become a manager and an executive, your 'D' tends to rise a little bit.  I take that to mean by maybe one or two points, not shoot from a '1' to a '7'.

That being said, it's not a particularly expensive assessment to re-do once every few years, if you're curious about whether there is any change.

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As Matt said, if your role changes significantly there might be some slight changes, though the score will usually be the same.

I have actually completed DISC a number of times in the past 3-4 years due to an on-site training provider offering it to staff some time ago.  This was the only time I had a reading that was different to my current profile and there were some reasons behind that.

About 3 years ago I took my first ever DISC profile with another company and I had only been working at the organisation for a matter of weeks. I was a newbie and hadn't found my feet yet. I also missed the bit where it said "respond as though you were in a *work* setting"..... I think I answered more from a social level and I was probably focused on being liked having just taken a new job - writing that makes me cringe just a little; but I'm being honest. That profile came out iS.  It didn't feel right (though I do have high i, I was disappointed I wasn't D! ) I took it again about 18 months later with that same company and it was Di (they offered me a freebie to test their comparison profile - eg you and a manager).

Then I had the opportunity to take the MT version late last year after having been in this organisation 3.5 years and had just moved into a manager role. I was introducing DISC to my team so we all took it at the same time.  My result again was Di. I've just signed up for the EMC and ECC so had an opportunity to do another - ordinarily I wouldn't have but was curious whether anything had changed after being in the manager role a year now.  The result.... still Di.  The intensity numbers varied so very slightly: D was the same, the i had moved up 2 points and the S had dropped 2 points - however the final segment numbers were identical.