BLUF: Purchasing DISC test for directs. Wondering about tracking test results.

I see that the DISC test is once again available from the MT website. I know the other site has features to help track results if you're doing tests for your team. I have no idea of the tracking is any good.

I thought I heard Mike mention that a feature to track results was available from the MT site too. Am I imagining that? Does the tracking really matter anyway?

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No, there is no facility (yet) to track DISC results from your directs on the site. I don't know if "tracking" is so much the issue ... but knowing the profile of your directs is VERY useful.


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Well, I'd rather buy them here and support you guys. I can buy them here and have my directs take them right? I'll just ask them to send me a copy of the results. :)

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I was having this "problem", too - I had my direct take the test and then realized I couldn't go online and see the results, or even get a pdf of them like I received when I took it myself.

Hmph. :?

So I'm checking my mailbox (snail mail!) for the results, which is somewhat disappointing given my desire for immediate turnaround when doing anything online.

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If you want, send me an email and I'll help you out. Although it requires manual intervention on my part, as long as I can establish you as the one who purchased the DISC for your folks, we can provide you the results.


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Mike, thanks to your help I got it all taken care of.

Much appreciated, and now my high-C-ness can analyze my directs to my heart's content. :D

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thanks you for your post, you help is appreciated